Welcome, friends, let's make the world Green again!

Any artist can participate and showcase their Pepe Art.

These will be Limited Editions that are updated every week.
Fixed pricing and quantities of each edition.

To Artists:
You have time to create your art. The first Artists will start appearing on the website from the end of November. The Artist receives 80% of sales (the remaining 20% goes to pay for gas fees, publication and Artist promotion). Artists has complete freedom in their actions and style. The main thing is that your art does not carry an offensive subtext(!)
It is not allowed to insert Pepe's head into other peoples paintings or use AI to create art.
The image size should be 2100x3000px

Each edition has a quantity of 22 edition at 0.022ETH per edition

To submit as an Artist, you can send your artwork and fill out the Submission Form here:

I must say right away that not all Artists will be selected!
You have enough time to create truly great art. Show your unique style.